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IcyBoards is a FREE service that lets you create and run your very own message board. A forum makes an excellent addition to any website, company, or even just for fun. Ditch the hassle with other hosts who offer a poor level of services and support. At IcyBoards, we have a large community ready to help you get your forum off the ground, even if you have very little web experience!

Hosting Features

99.9% Uptime

If it isn't, we don't quit until the problem is fixed. This is top priority!

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You have complete control over your forum's templates and styling. There are no restrictions.

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Our database server is backed up frequently to protect you and your forum.

Rapid Support

Real support that is always there when you need it. You are never on your own when problems arise.

Great Community

An active community to help and learn from every step of the way, from beginner to expert.

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IcyBoards is by far the #1 FREE forum host online, and it keeps getting better.