What do our current clients have to say?

IcyBoards has been by far the best free forum hosting service I have used. And I have tried many out there. Customer service & Support is prompt and top notch! Never has a free forum host been this helpful! Up time is nearly perfect for a free host. If there is down time, it's fixed immediately! IcyBoards goes that extra mile to satisfy their customers! -Dalton, 5/23/2012
IcyBoards is by far the best MyBB Webhost you can find. It is so simple and easy and the support is the best. Creating a forum with MyBB is cool, but creating a forum with IcyBoards is just icy. I definitely recommend this host. -Harry K., 5/24/2012

Although you may think that IcyBoards is just another "free forum hosting service" or a simple "hosting your forum" company that doesn't care about it's users, you are wrong. I have seen spork985 (the owner) slave over his users to make sure that they are getting everything (from themes, plugins, features, and not to mention the goal of 100% uptime). Would I recommend IcyBoards to one of my friends? The simple answer is: "recommend, more like let them see the amazing results for themselves and let them find anyone who cares enough like IcyBoards does." -Known Syntax, 8/19/2012
This site helps people, Instead of being like other FREE web hosts, they help with problems and try and sort them. Also, the owner is constantly updating and adds lots of cool new feature that no other FREE forum hosts offer. If you are even considering not using this, you must be insane. -Ace, 6/3/2012

IcyBoards is so far most consistent best free forum host with its ever-new glory. Every time you check back you will discover a new unique feature that will not only just amaze you but keep your interest to IcyBoards even higher. The best part of IcyBoards is we have a family maintained among the users eager to help each other in all aspects. You are never alone if your forum is with IcyBoards. I feel proud about myself being a part of this family. -effone, 10/27/2012